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Register a child for a quilt

Thank you for your interest in submitting your child to receive a quilt from Love Quilts Canada.

Here are some of the basic rules for a child to receive a quilt from Love Quilts Canada.

1 - Child must be between the age of 6 months and 18 years old when the quilt is finished.

2 - Child must live in Canada.

3 - Child must be currently seeking treatment for a life long or life threatening illness.

4 - We prefer that the child has an online active webpage that regularly updates on the child's condition. If your child does not have a website, please email us before applying and we can discuss it further.

If you feel your child meets these guidelines please feel free to fill out the form below.

You will receive an email to notify you if your application was accepted. Thanks!

Application form

All information is required unless it does not apply to your family. Please put N/A in the boxes that do not apply. This form must be complete to be considered for a quilt.

Any questions can be emailed to us at

No information will be posted on the Love Quilts Canada website with the exception of the first name and last initial of the child, the birthdate of the child, the main diagnosis of the illness and the biography. All other info will be kept private and only given to those who will be finishing and mailing the quilt to your child.

Child Details
Child name: (Public)
Date of birth: (Public)
Main diagnosis:
(please use medical names, DO NOT list a webpage address here)
Date of diagnosis: (Public)
Other diagnosis: (Public)
Biography: (Public)

Begin story from birth, then signs of illness, diagnosis and what he/she has been through until today. Please write at least 2 paragraphs. This information will be posted on the Love Quilts Canada webpage created for your child.

Webpage for child: (Public)

Webpage for child giving updates on child, please direct to the exact page where your child is featured

Webpage 2 for child: (optional) (Public)
Child's Interests
and favourite colour:
(please make this listing as detailed as you can, we use this to inform the fabrics for the quilt)
Select photo of child:

Photo must be submitted before child is featured for a quilt. If you are unable to upload a photo electronically, you may email us instead. If another website has featured your child with a picture, let us know the web address and we can retrieve a photo from there.

Family Details - * All information below will be kept private!*
Full Name of father:
(First and Last)
Full Name of Mother:
(First and Last)
Last name of the family
(if different from child):
Siblings and Birthdates:
(Example Bob, 1/1/90,
Sue 2/2/92 etc)
Home Address: (Private)
City, County, Postcode: (Private)
Snail mail address
where quilt should be mailed:
Phone Number:
(only used if we are unable to reach you via email and will be kept private) -
Correct email address:
(kept private)
Alternative Email address:
(for us to use if main address doesn't work for some reason)
Form submitted by:
(if submitted by anyone other than the parent, permission must be received from the parent before the child is featured) -

Theme of Quilt

Below is a listing of theme choices that we feel will have enough pattern choices for the stitchers. We do try and fill special requests when we can, but those requests must be approved in advance. Please pick 3 possible themes you would like and put them in preferred order. We will use only ONE of the requested themes for your child's quilt! We will try and fulfil your first request if possible, but please know that we may approve one of the others. This might occur if there is over use of the theme for that year (makes it hard to get stitchers to sign up) Please fill in all 3 spaces from the themes listed below.

Please look over this listing carefully before making your choices.

If possible, please pick only one....unless you are combining two similar themes... eg Heroes and Patriotic together.

Please remember to enter your theme choices in the spaces provided below.

  • Angels
  • Animals - soft (animals you would want to snuggle)
  • Animals - specific (pick a common animal such as cats/kittens, dog/puppies, horses, pigs etc)
  • Animals - Wild/Jungle (please list a few of the child's favourite animals)
  • Balloons
  • Birds (can be soft for girls or masculine, such as eagles or hawks for boys)
  • Cartoon Characters (Scooby Doo, Spongebob, Looney Tunes, Disney etc)
  • Clowns
  • Dance (like ballet, tap, cheerleading...anything related to dance)
  • Dolls
  • Enchanted World (Dragons, Castles, wizards, unicorns etc)
  • Farms (not just animals, but anything farm related)
  • Flowers (could be general or specific eg "Roses" or "Daisies")
  • Flowers with butterflies and dragonflies
  • Foods 'fun foods'
  • Hearts (will have hearts in it somewhere, will include other girly things)
  • Heroes (such as firemen, paramedics, policemen etc)
  • Music
  • Noah's Ark
  • Patriotic Theme (any pattern that celebrates us as British)
  • Precious Moments
  • Princesses
  • Sea Life
  • Space - Moon, stars, space shuttles, planets etc
  • Sports (must be generalised sports in order to have enough different patterns for the stitchers)
  • Superheroes
  • Teddy Bears
  • Trains
  • Vehicles (anything with an, trucks, planes, boats etc)
  • Wild West (would include all the following and more...Horses, Hunting dogs, Oregon trail, Cowboys, Cowgirls...anything that would look like the Old West.
  • World Landmarks - famous places/flags from around the world
  • A colour theme (this theme is where the pattern has to have the colour in it somewhere but can be any pattern. They turn out really cute. Please pick a main colour such as pink or blue etc)

    Other themes may also be acceptable - please email us to discuss if you want something not on the list above!

  • Theme (first choice): (Private)
    Theme (second choice): (Private)
    Theme (third choice): (Private)

    I consent to the following:

    - Information marked as (Public) above appearing on the LoveQuiltsCanada website.
    - LQCanada emailing/texting me regarding the organisation/dispatch of the quilt.
    - LQCanada sharing my address details with the quilter in order to post out my child's quilt.
    - Photographs of the completed quilt being posted on LQCanada website/social media outlets to inform LQCanada volunteers of its completion.

    My data will not be shared with any third party, other than as specified above.